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Update Page!

WEll I'm sorry the CD is still not back from the printer but I'm very excited that it's done. I like the way the artwork looks and I think it effectively conveys the overall feeling of the CD. It's called Acoustically Yours and it's nine tracks, three originals, 5 covers and one adaptation. It's just me on guitar and vocals so it's sort of like sitting around a campfire in days of old when the village musicians would sing and play. It's very minimal but I like the way it feels. I put it on in the mornings in the car on my way somewhere and I find that it wakes me up gently. There's not really anything I can compare it to, but I know you are supposed to give people a general idea of your 'niche', so I guess it's sort of like Norah Jones or Diana Krall or Madelaine Peyroux or Ella Fitzgerald or Peggy Lee but backed up by myself on rhythm guitar played on an acoustic Spanish/Classical style guitar (very soft sounding and with none of the twang of a steel string acoustic guitar). Maybe I will be able to think of some other comparisons and when I do I will also list them.

Please let me know if you would like to be on the mailing list or if there are any comments you have for the site. I've got plans but it just takes time and focus, time and focus, time and focus. :)

I played a gig last week with Jaye Baxter and David Wildsmith again and Jayes' sister Jocelyn sat in with us on vocals and percussions. She sounded awesome! Jaye and Dave really know how to put on a great show and it's always a pleasure to get to play with them.
Well I guess that's about it for now!
Thanks for saying Hi!